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Fun Winter Project for Preschoolers and Up!

Posted December 11th, 2017  |  By A4A.admin

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This fun project idea comes from Atreyee Ghosh, who teaches Little Artists 2 & 3. We offer multiple art and music classes for preschoolers. Check out our Spring Catalog or register online for Spring classes!

Snowflake Tape Painting

Materials you will need:

    •  Square piece of white paper - we used a 12” x 12” sheet
    •  Masking tape
    •  Tempera paint in white, blue, and purple
    •  Paper plate or palette
    •  Medium size paintbrush

Step 1: Tape off your snowflake design

Start with a cross as the base of your snowflake design. This step may require a little help, you can tear or cut pieces of tape and guide your preschooler into making an asterisk like design. This is a great teaching moment to explain symmetry and how all snowflakes are unique.

You can use two different thicknesses of tape for more variation. Make sure to tape them down well, so that the paint will not get under the tape.

Step 2: Paint over your design

You can use any type of paint, but here at CSMA we use a lot of tempera as it is kid-friendly and cleans up easily. Mix a light blue using blue and white paint, and cover the paper completely.

Let your child paint freely, and don’t worry about painting over the tape!

Step 3: Add more texture

Introduce a third color for more variation and texture to the painting. Purple mixes beautifully with the pale blue, but you can try experimenting with other colors like green or pink.

Dab on the purple in small patches and let it blend with the wet blue paint underneath.

Step 4: Let dry then peel off tape

Make sure to allow the painting to dry completely before peeling to avoid tearing the paper. Waiting is the hardest part! Try asking if they remember what color the paper originally was, and what color the snowflake will turn out to be. You can even start taping off a second snowflake design while waiting for this one to dry.

All done!

You can add some extra snow white dots for more texture, and it’s ready to hang!

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