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Fun Winter Project for Elementary Schoolers

Posted December 18th, 2017  |  By A4A.admin

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Looking for something to do with the kids over the holidays? This fun project idea comes from Atreyee Ghosh, who teaches Elementary Drawing, Elementary Painting, and Primary and Elementary Draw, Paint, Sculpt. Check out our Spring Catalog or register online for Spring classes!

Decorated Mini Winter Clothes

Materials you will need:

    •  Felt fabric
    •  Dimensional fabric paint
    •  Scissors
    •  Sharpie to outline
    •  Winter clothing cutout sheet printed out
    •  Sequins (optional)
    •  Glitter (for the brave)

Step 1: Cut out clothing template

Print the Winter clothing cutout sheet and cut out carefully. This might require adult help for younger children.

Step 2: Trace template on felt fabric

Use a sharpie to trace the template on to the felt.

Step 3: Cut out fabric

Use fabric scissors or really sharp scissors to cut out the felt pieces. This might require adult help for younger children.

Step 4: Decorate using fabric paint

You can use any kind of fabric paint, the ones used here are dimensional and will dry with a puffy texture. You can also add sequins or glitter while the paint is still wet.  Allow finished pieces to dry for a few hours.

What to do with finished pieces

    •  Hang on a string with mini clothespins as a cute holiday decoration for your home
    •  Glue or stitch on to customize a tote bag
    •  Sew on ribbons to turn into ornaments
    •  Glue onto a card to give as holiday cards
    •  Glue onto paper and draw the rest of the body for a further fun activity!

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