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Fun at CSMA Holiday Camps!

Posted January 17th, 2019  |  By A4A.admin

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CSMA’s Holiday Camps let students explore distant lands real and imaginary, learn alongside great masters and create books & graphic novels.  We introduced an all day Digital Painting camp where they designed book covers, posters and more!  Take a look at all the artwork made during our 2019 Holiday Camps!

Arctic Adventures, Gr K-1

Students created arctic landscapes, papier-mâché snow foxes and learned how the Inuit people lived.

Dinosaurs & Dragons, Gr K-1

Students made fantastic, prehistoric landscapes with dinosaur and dragon figures through drawing and painting.

Art of Australia, Gr 2-3

This lesson involved exploring the land down under with colorful pieces of artwork including rainmakers, marble art and paper animals.

Books Galore, Gr 2-3

Students created unique pop-up and accordion books.

Painting with the Masters, Gr 4-6

This lesson involved learning from renowned painters including Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso.

Manga Mania, Gr 4-6

Students learned how to create their own characters and bring them to life with drawings of comic book covers, figurines in package and movie posters.

Digital Painting, Gr 5-12

Students learn the process of digital illustration to create book covers, story illustrations and poster designs.

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