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CSMA featured as one of the largest Arts Schools in the country!

Posted January 11th, 2018  |  By A4A.admin

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As a part of our work, CSMA is a member of the National Guild for Community Arts Education, a national organization committed to strengthening and advocating for arts education providers. The National Guild just released their 2017 Benchmarking Data Report*, which includes data for community arts organizations across the country on enrollment, financial aid, staffing and more. CSMA is proud to be featured in this report and to be contributing to the national advancement of arts education. To celebrate this report, we thought we’d give some insight into how many students we work with each year through our programs.

In our category of Large Arts Organizations in the Benchmarking Data Report, the median number of students served was 6,767, with 4,229 onsite and 1,245 offsite. CSMA’s number of students served last year was over 24,000! We work with almost 4,000 students at Finn Center throughout the year through private lessons, art classes, special needs programs, camps, and more. While our campus bustles throughout the year, we also conduct art and music classes in over 50 schools through our in-school programs, Art4Schools and Music4Schools. Last year, we served approximately 18,000 students in over 50 schools from San Jose to Daly City!

We also lead the way with our financial aid program, offering subsidies to students and families as a part of our mission to provide access to arts education to all regardless of age, ability, background, or financial means. In Fall 2016, we increased the amount of our financial aid awards to allow more students in our community to be engaged and inspired by the arts. We also offer subsidies to school districts with high percentages of low-income students as a part of our in-school programs. Last year, 47% of our off-site students received financial aid through crucial program subsidies. We are also one of the only organizations in our category that provides merit-based financial aid to students through our Merit Scholars program.

CSMA is proud to be a leader in arts education! We hope you will continue to learn more about our programs and join us as we continue to offer meaningful engagement in the arts to those who would not otherwise have access.

*The report is available to download for a fee.

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