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Bring Music Home this Holiday Season!

Posted December 2nd, 2018  |  By A4A.admin

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Preschool music teacher Christina Stein has combined her years of experience teaching music and movement, along with her through knowledge of brass instruments and music theory to come up with some great ways to bring music home for you this holiday season!

A favorite part of music class for preschoolers is exploring the sounds of different percussion instruments! Musicians talk about each instrument having a specific sound color, or timbre.  We can learn to hear the differences between instruments made of wood (like woodblocks and rhythm sticks), metal (bells and cymbals), and skin (drums).  Look for objects around the house made of different materials. This is a wonderful project for children of all ages!

DIY Shakers

Materials you will need:

·      Sealable containers
·      Beans, rice, beads, coins
·      Tape or super glue

Step 1: Select a container

Try a variety of different containers made from different materials (glass, plastic, paper).  The timbre will differ with each material used.

Step 2: Fill your container

Fill your selected containers with beans, rice or beads. Whatever you have around is great!  Try experimenting with different amounts of material in each container and see how that changes the sound.

Step 3: Make it safe

Depending on the age of the child you can simply close the container and let the fun begin.  If they can open the container, then you can tape or super glue the container closed.

DIY Jingle Bracelets

Materials you will need:

·      Pipe cleaner
·      Small Bells

String small bells (from a craft store) onto a pipe cleaner and affix it to your child’s wrist.  You can now call Santa to your home for the holidays!

DIY Cymbals

Materials you will need:

·      Pots & pans
·      Kitchen utensils

Lay out some pots, pans and lids in varying size with some utensils for them to bang around with.  Wooden spoons, chopsticks and pencils make great tools.  Listen to how long the sound sustains after a single tap.

Bring it all together

These three instruments are great on their own, but even better together!  Sort the instruments into 3 corners of the room and take a musical tour. Use the instruments to play along to a favorite song or chant like Five Little Monkeys, and notice how the sound changes from one group of instruments to the next. 

What other everyday supplies are lingering around your home just waiting to be turned into the next great instrument?


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