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Art Shapes the World

Posted January 30th, 2018  |  By A4A.admin

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CSMA and the City of Mountain View present Art Shapes the World, a collaborative exhibition created by faculty and students in CSMA’s Art4Schools program. On display will be approximately 600 pieces of art by students in grades K-8 and their art teachers from over 30 local schools. Get a sneak peek at the artwork that will be on display and see what faculty and staff are saying about the show.

Ceramic frogs by Vy T., Bethany A., and Aidan K., Grade 3

Art Shapes the World will open on February 1 and will be on display until February 28. The show is generously sponsored by the City of Mountain View, which lends its beautiful rotunda space to this exhibition annually. Join us for an opening reception with the artists on Friday, February 2, from 3-6 pm. There will be a performance by the Huff School Honor Choir led by CSMA music teacher Christina Christiansen at 4pm.

Huff Honor Choir at the 2017 City Show

“I love directing the Huff Honor Choir’s performance at the City Show, and they love performing! It’s such a fun opportunity for them to see their peer’s work, and sometimes to even see their own displayed! We’ve been working hard since we got back from winter break on learning these new songs, and have enjoyed and benefited from thinking about how the arts shape our world and bring us together.”

-Christina Christiansen, CSMA Music Instructor

Shadow puppets by Abhiansh G., Bridget A., and Borna T., Grade 5

“The theme of Art Shapes the World encouraged students to observe the world around them. Each Art4Schools teacher worked with their students to discuss shapes and explore where they can be seen in the world around us, from the shapes found in nature to the architectural shapes that form our neighborhoods, to the shapes of the food we eat. The students created a wide variety of artwork using ceramics, printmaking, painting, drawing and collage. Viewers of the art in this show will walk away seeing new shapes everywhere!”

-Linda Covello, CSMA’s Art School Director

St. Nicholas students holding up their grid designs

My students worked on a grid design project for this year’s City Show. Students select a photo of an animal face, then fold the paper to form equal squares. They cut them out and assemble back in place like a puzzle. Next, they rearrange squares into a new image and glue onto a colored background. Collage is one of those lessons accessible by all students, whether they are adept with a pencil or not. It allows all to show a sense of composition, balance, and harmony and in some cases, humor.

-Rosalyn Carson, Art4Schools Instructor

Artwork by Tryssyn W., Grade 4

When starting this collage project, I tried to find any scrap paper I could—old road maps, something in braille, and wrapping paper.  The oddness of the materials seemed to inspire my students.  And I also realized how antiquated the maps were—one 4th grader asked me if I printed them from Google maps, and I had to explain that no, people used to carry these in their cars (I still do).

-Heather Morgan, Art4Schools Instructor

Artwork by Instructor Emily McElhinney

As my students and I considered the theme Art Shapes the World, we talked about the ocean as a world in itself, thinking about how water changes shapes, colors and textures. Then we used shapes and colors in different ways to create our varied world. In my own work, The Other Ocean, I used mixed media to create a 3-D collage. I found myself thinking more about time as I worked. That certain stages are oceans in themselves, maybe connected and maybe not, to other stages.

-Emily McElhinney, Art4Schools Instructor

Artwork by Santiago T., Queen C., Kaitlyn P., and Cristian V., Grade 2

Wassily Kandinsky’s Squares with Concentric Circles provided me the inspiration for the short artistic journey I wanted to take with my 2nd graders. The lesson began with an introduction of Kandinsky’s life and how he felt that he could express feelings and music through colors and shapes in his paintings. We explored several of his other pieces to study how he showed movement and motion, and how that could express the sound of music and the emotions evoked from listening to music.

-Ursula Hennessy, Art4Schools Instructor

Art Shapes the World
February 1-28
Opening Reception Friday, February 2, 3-6 pm
Mountain View City Hall
500 Castro Street, Mountain View
Viewing hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm


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