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2017-2018 Merit Scholar Award Winners

Posted August 2nd, 2017  |  By A4A.admin

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We are proud to announce our 2017-2018 Merit Scholarship Students. CSMA Merit Scholarships are awarded to CSMA Private Lesson students who have shown a high level of commitment, talent and achievement in their CSMA studies. Merit Scholars and their families are regarded as the ambassadors of the CSMA Music School. They are role models for all of our music students and their families. Merit Scholars have been accepted to some of the nation’s most prestigious music programs, including The Julliard School and Berklee College of Music. Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Merit Scholars!

A Level Awards:

- Phoebe Aaronson, flute
- Oz Anisman, recorder
- Arushi Arora, piano
- Gabrielle Baum, violin
- Jonah Blaydes-Greenberg, viola
- Russell Chien, piano
- Sarah Cliff, bassoon
- Andrew Gao, piano
- Paul Garofalo, piano
- Ryan Lee, piano
- Eddie Li, piano
- Jerry Liu, piano
- Nikita Manin, piano
- Frederick Nitta, piano
- Brian Ng, piano
- Daniel Strebulaev, piano
- Daniel Tan, piano
- Anson Tong, violin
- Miles Wada, piano

B Level Awards:

- Arushi Arora, voice
- Anuva Banwasi, flute
- Jodie Bhattacharya, viola
- Emma Cardwell, piano
- Christopher Chong, piano
- Aaron Feldman, piano
- Kerensa Fu, flute
- Astoria Ho, flute
- Logan Keifling, voice
- Christopher Liang, trumpet
- Kai Park, piano
- Michelle Parsons, voice
- Prachee Prabhat, voice
- Audrey Shitamoto, voice
- Roger Sik, piano
- Andrea Sun, bassoon
- Ariel Traver, flute
- Szu Ting Tung, violin
- Kallie Wang, piano
- Sophie Wang, piano
- Angela Wipfler, percussion
- Allison Zone, percussion

C Level Awards:

- Armon Amirazizi, piano
- Clare Chua, piano
- Giselle Hernandez Arana, voice
- Shinmu Jiang, piano
- Abigail Ko, piano
- Allison Kuan, flute
- Alison Legates, voice
- Jason Lin, viola
- Zara Lokuge, voice
- Darius Mirhosseini, violin
- Andrew Ng, cello
- Onkaar Paul, saxophone
- Sriram Ramamurthy, piano & trombone
- Camille Schoettler, flute
- Clarissa Shieh, violin
- Connery Wood, trumpet


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