Musicians For Hire

Musicians for Hire

Celebrate a special occasion with a live musical performance! CSMA’s talented faculty musicians are available to provide music for birthdays, weddings, business milestones or other special events.

Information on available groups is listed below. Please contact the performers directly for booking requests.

Bossa Deep Groove

  • Number of Performers: 2-5
  • Description: Jazz and Brazilian Jazz
  • Area(s): San Francisco Bay Area
  • Fees: $300 for trio up to $1,000, depending on band size and duration of performance
  • Contact: João Neves, 650-856-1759, jneves7@gmail.com

Gryphons Wild

  • Number of Performers: 2-4
  • Description: Gryphons Wild is an early music ensemble dedicated to bringing to lifelong-forgotten treasures of the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque eras through the magical storytelling power of the human voice blended with colorful and expressive instruments. In addition to singing and storytelling, Gryphons Wild also includes harp, recorder, guitar, percussion, accordion and harpsichord. Available for concert series, benefits, conferences, special events, elementary school programs, church services, retirement communities, libraries, etc.
  • Area(s): San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Cruz, Monterey
  • Fees: $100-$400 per performer (depending on program length), with a minimum fee of $200
  • Contact: Sally Terris, Artistic Director, 408-475-6765, gryphonswild@gmail.com, www.gryphonswild.com

In the Pocket

Mark Russo and the Classy Cats

  • Number of Performers: Solo, duo, trio, quartet, 7- and 12-piece band
  • Description: Classical trios, solo jazz, smooth jazz, contemporary, Latin, jump blues, dance music of the 80’s and 90’s
  • Area(s): South Bay, East Bay, North Bay, Monterey Area
  • Fees: $350 to $4,500
  • Contact: Mark Russo, 408-289-8219, www.theclassycats.com

Daniel Magay, Saxophone

  • Number of Performers: 2-6
  • Description: Jazz, funk, rock, African-jazz fusion, Indian-jazz fusion
  • Area(s): San Francisco Bay Area and further
  • Fees: $100 per musician
  • Contact: Daniel Magay, 415-517-5082, dpmagay@gmail.com

Anneliese Messner, Classical Singer (with Accompanist Elektra Schmidt)

  • Number of Performers: 2
  • Description: Classical and jazz
  • Area(s): San Francisco Bay Area
  • Fees: Negotiable
  • Contact: Anneliese Messner, 650-678-0225

Monteverdi Brass

  • Number of Performers: Quintet
  • Description: Renaissance and Baroque available for concerts, weddings, and special events.
  • Area(s): San Francisco Bay Area
  • Fees: $750 first hour, $500 for second hour
  • Contact: Richard Roper, 650-714-0328; richardroper1@yahoo.com, www.monteverdibrass.com

Ruth Parry, Guitarist-Vocalist & Ashiqah Beat

  • Number of Performers: Solo to quartet
  • Description: Ruth Parry, Classical-Jazz Mix; Ashiqah Beat, World Jazz. Available for special events, weddings, bar mitzvahs, funerals, etc.
  • Area(s): San Francisco Bay Area
  • Fees: Contingent on time and location
  • Contact: Ruth Parry, 510-230-8567, https://soundcloud.com/soundanatomy
    Sound Anatomy YouTube channel

Quadre Brass Groups

  • Number of Performers: 2-8
  • Description: Instrumentation includes everything from a horn duo to a brass quintet (2 trumpets, horn, trombone, and tuba) to a brass choir. Holiday, patriotic, great American songbook, accessible new music, jazz and classical background music for all occasions including special events, weddings, bar mitzvahs, funerals, school assemblies, club meetings, civic events, etc. Performed in over 1,000 events since 1998 with 4 albums.
  • Area(s): Greater San Francisco Bay Area
  • Fees: $400 to $4,000
  • Contact: Daniel Wood, 650-483-2222, daniel@quadre.org, www.quadre.org

Salsa Sinigual

  • Number of Performers: 8-10
  • Description: Salsa/ Latin Jazz; Mambo, Cha-Cha, Merengue, Bomba, Plena, Danzon
  • Area(s): South Bay, East Bay, North Bay, Monterey Area
  • Fees: Negotiable
  • Contact: Carmen Cansino, 510-207-8126, ccansino@arts4all.org, www.salsasinigual.com

Teal Crane Trio

  • Number of Performers: 3
  • Description: Latin, salsa, improv, jazz, classical and modern new music for all events and occasions
  • Area(s): San Francisco Bay Area
  • Fees: $600 to $1500
  • Contact: Daniel Wood, 650-483-2222, info@tealcrane.com, www.tealcrane.com

Mary Helen Weinstein

  • Number of Performers: 1-2 musicians
  • Description: Classical to light classical to jazz violin, acoustic or amplified
  • Area(s): San Jose to Belmont (Silicon Valley)
  • Fees: $150-300, depending on repertoire, number of musicians, location, driving time, duration of event
  • Hours: 1-2
  • Contact: Mary Helen Weinstein
    Email: mhw440@yahoo.com
    Phone: 650-966-4206
  • Hear Mary Helen Play with String Thing Jazztet