Christiansen-Hedge, Christina

Christiansen-Hedge, Christina

Education and Background

Christina holds a Bachelor of Music with an Outside Field in Writing from Ithaca College

Christina Christiansen has performed solo and in many ensembles throughout her personal and educational career, including with the Ithaca College Chorus and Ithaca College Women’s Chorale. Christina teaches K-3 General Music through CSMA’s Music4Schools program, where she also instructs a Children’s Choir. Additionally, she has experience with children’s vocal instruction and early childhood musical education. Christina can also be found working “behind the scenes” at CSMA as the Music School Program Assistant.

Teaching Philosophy

Christina believes that music is a fundamentally important subject that should be taught as early as possible. She believes that any and everyone can make music, whether it be through singing or playing an instrument. Christina strives to bring the joys and pleasures of music into the lives of her students through an inclusive and engaging teaching style, and hopes to inspire her students to make music a life-giving part of their lives.